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Developer Wheel of Amp has been given a steampunk makeover by Red Tiger. The game may appear to be a standard 3×3 slot machine, but there is actually quite a bit more going on behind the scenes. Wheel of Amp is a progressive slot that adds video game elements including expanding rows, reels, ways, and symbols as the game continues. The greatest parts are locked away at the start, so it takes time to get to them. It’s a gamble that might irritate as many gamers as it pleases.

The game takes place high in the air, in a sumptuous living room atop a zeppelin-like floatation device. The presence of other aircraft in the sky suggests a society in which the wealthy reside above the masses of the working poor, who struggle to make ends meet in a grim dystopian future. So let’s not, and instead think on the luxurious setting in which the grid for the game is set up. If you’re not into the 3×3 format, don’t worry; the game grows in scope as you play thanks to the Step Change mechanic. As the flying machine travels through the sky, the number of paylines available to players increases from 9 to a maximum of 25.

Bets range from 10 pence to £/€10 per spin, and can be placed on any device before boarding. The game’s very dynamic mathematical model will likely cause some turbulence at the upper levels as well. Default RTP comes in at 95.77%, but potential is capped at 7,303 times the investment, thus the remainder of the statistics are more “uneventful” flying.

Starting with just three of a type, the number of possible winning combinations increases to four, and ultimately five. Keep in mind that the Step Change feature is required in order for the high-value symbols to appear on the reels. In terms of low-paying jobs, examples include working with ink pens, Morse code telegraph keys, telephones, gramophones, and vintage cameras. When they are in play, high-paying velocipedes, aeroplanes, autos, and trains provide payouts of 4.5-10 times the wager for a five-of-a-kind. Although there are no wild symbols, various bonus features may be activated to boost payouts.

Turn the Amplifier Slot Wheel

There are four included extras with Wheel of Amp. When three or more wheel scatters appear anywhere on the reels, the game’s central Wheel of Amp bonus is activated. When triggered, this feature gives the player a chance to spin a wheel for additional bonuses. What to anticipate is as follows:

Wheel of Amp’s Step Change is where you may maximize your gains. At the outset, the Step Change wheel has 8 segments; four of them enable the high-paying symbols and four more add reels or rows. The velocipede, the airplane, the car, and finally the trains are released upon the reels, in order of decreasing premium. There is a predictable sequence to the screen’s expansions: reel, row, reel, and row. The maximum possible size of the game is 5×5, with 25 paylines. When a Step Change segment is won, it is added to the wheel as a Win Boost multiplier.

The multipliers for Win Boosts are simple to understand. After receiving one, it will be saved until you experience another win, at which point it will be added to your total. The Win Boost multiplier is determined by the segment of the wheel the pointer lands on. At the outset, the wheel has a single multiplier boost of 10x. Players may add multipliers of 2, 3, 5, and 6 to the wheel if they unlock high pay symbols. Each expansion triggers the addition of a new multiplier to the wheel.

If you spin the Wheel of Amp and land on the free spins area, you’ll receive 10 bonus spins. The Wheel of Amp may be activated in the same manner as in the main game during the bonus round. If you win free spins from the wheel, you get 5 more spins. When you win during free spins, the Win Boost multiplier you received from the Wheel of Amp stays in effect. Instead, it multiplies not only the first win in the regular game after a free spins bonus, but all subsequent wins in the main game as well.

Roulette with Slot Machine Results

Wheel of Amp is a slot machine that may have been created by Jules Verne himself. The game-like advancement structure, in addition to the graphics, is what really makes Red Tiger’s vision come to life. If you think it would be enjoyable to go through the air in a mechanical airplane, control lightning bolts with your mind, and collect cash as you go, then you might enjoy the Steampunk genre. While you’re playing to unlock the premium symbols, ways, and reels, the gambling aspect takes a second place, at least initially. Since it is impossible to know how long it will take to fully unlock the game’s entire configuration, some people will immediately reject this idea out of hand.

No matter how you slice it, you’re at a disadvantage until Wheel of Amp hits capacity. Surprisingly, it’s simpler than you may think to ignore this reality. The frequency with which features activate allows the grid to be completed and filled with high-paying symbols. It wasn’t a time-consuming or laborious process.

The well-executed audiovisuals, in addition to the considerable potential, contribute to a relaxing Neo-Victorian atmosphere. If the Win Boost multiplier does its magic during free games, players may win some respectable sums. Those who would rather gamble than create a world may like Wheel of Amp, although high payouts (up to 7,303 times the wager) may entice those with a more monetary focus.

Players looking for a little bit of an adventure, and who view the Step Change system as part of a quest rather than a limitation, may be interested in Wheel of Amp. Red Tiger has made a fun and engaging miniature universe. If you like the sound of Steampunk and are ready to take off, squire, then you had well have your top hat and cane ready.

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